Toppoint: Sustainability under focus


Seven Toppoint employees are playing a leading role in the company’s sustainability strategy.

NL – All of Toppoint’s employees backed the company’s joint goal on October 21, namely to increase the sustainability of the company. The focal point of the sustainability strategy is to deliver functional and reusable products with a long service life that are manufactured as environmentally-friendly as possible while at the same time ensuring good working conditions.

According to official statements, it had already been resolved in the past that over 50% of the products in the collection are to betoppoint_91023_SolarTruck_250x208produced in Europe, which among others has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of the Dutch company. In addition to this, 70% of items manufactured in the Far East are to be certified by the end of the year and 70% of the partner production sites are to be audited. “All departments at Toppoint are geared up to make an important contribution towards creating a more sustainable world and manufacturing, customising and delivering products with a ‘green heart’”, according to sources within the company.

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