marke[ding]plus, A-Wels: Leadership claim underpinned

A – The marke [ding]plus show was held for the second time in Wels, Upper Austria, on October 1 and 2, 2014. Recording 2,781 visitors – an increase of almost 15% compared to 2013 – the event was able to underpin its position as the marketing show in Austria. In addition to the promotional products players, marke[ding]plus also serves as a platform for further marketing disciplines such as event planning, event technology, visual communications and dialogue marketing. Of the approx. 170 exhibitors (2013: 189), this year approx. 80 suppliers originated from the promotional products sector (2013: approx. 90). As such, according to own accounts, marke[ding]plus is the only trade fair in Austria, which covers the entire spectrum of the marketing sector. The exhibitors presented their products and services in Hall 20 of the Wels Exhibition Centre on exhibition space covering 8,000 m², at in some cases elaborately designed stands. In the accompanying lecture forum, held in a visually separated zone, marketing experts held lectures on themes such as social media, haptic advertising, online marketing or event planning.

Last year in collaboration with the Wels Exhibition Centre, the event organiser, Martin Zettl, enhanced the concept of the marke[ding] show that has been staged since 2006, developing it from a pure promotional products show into a marketing show – a move that proved successful: “I am happy with the development of marke[ding]plus. It was the right decision to integrate the other marketing disciplines.”

On the evening of the first day of the fair, over 500 guests celebrated at the marke[ding]plus-night, where the marke[ding] awards were also presented. The winners of the award and a detailed report will be published in eppi magazine, No. 102 (December 3, 2014).


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