Mahlwerck: New production site in the Czech Republic

CZ – The German porcelain specialist, Mahlwerck Porzellan, has opened a new production plant in the Czech Republic. The newly erected, modern plant in Teplice that spans 5,000 m² ensures improved production quality and increased capacities: Individual imprints and colour engravings can thus be carried out faster and more flexibly also for large orders. Among others job rotation (the implementation of the employees according to the requirements and workload) and a new robotic sprayer (1,000 glazes/shift) and a new continuous firing furnace (5,000 mugs and cups/shift) guarantee higher efficiency at the new site. Furthermore, according to Mahlwerck approx. 2,000 engravings can be realised at the new workplaces per shift and by Hand.


Charging the new continuous firing furnace: Variable temperatures up to 1,250°C are possible.


Over one million mugs and cups are already stocked in the new warehouse in Teplice.

70 Mahlwerck employees already started working at the new plant in the summer, which was then officially inaugurated in September. According to company accounts, in total 300 visitors – employees and suppliers with their families – attended the opening party to celebrate the inauguration of the new production site. The guests gained an insight into the new factory in personal tours, the presentation of the robotic sprayer aroused particular interest.



Mahlwerck CEO, Tobias Köckert (l), guided the visitors around the new factory.

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