Ippag meeting in Dubai: Information and strategies


The Ippag members in the desert.

UAE – This year’s autumn meeting of the international distributor alliance Ippag (International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts) was staged in Dubai from September 17-21. Members travelled to the event from all sorts of countries in order to exchange experiences, talk about their relations to suppliers and customers and to discuss the strategic alignment of both their alliance and that of their financial supporter, the IPG.

In addition to intensive social activities – for example a rally through the desert, a visit to the Dubai-Museum, an excursion to the Burj Khalifa Tower – the highest tower in the world – and diverse other activities – the Ippag members took the opportunity to view the premises of its member in Dubai: The headquarters of Jasani L.L.C. are located in the centre of Dubai, they also have two further locations with warehouses – Ippag Global Promotion – which are aligned for the future.


The Ippag members at the headquarters of their host member Jasani, in the centre of Dubai.

As well as discussions on group-oriented themes, the presentations of diverse case studies and proposals for the optimisation of internal communications, there was plenty of opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences beyond the official meeting, during the course of which specific themes, production and customising, were discussed by working groups. CEO Biren Jasani organised the Ippag meeting in Dubai with dedication, intelligence and enthusiasm – very much to the joy of his Ippag partners.

A detailed report will follow in eppi magazine, No.102 (December 3, 2014).

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