Samsonite expands its brand portfolio

Tim Parker, Chairman and CEO

Tim Parker

L/USA – By taking over the US-American brand Speck Products, a supplier of fashionable protective sleeves for smartphones, tablets and laptops, the travel case manufacturer Samsonite International S.A. based in Luxemburg has once again expanded its portfolio and is thus reinforcing its presence on the specialised market for “Protective Cases”. “It is a particularly interesting acquisition for us, which is based on an outing into a segment that lies beyond the traditionally defined travel case market, and although a different market it is indeed complementary to our existing line of products. As a result of the high number of consumers that mostly buy several protective cases for each mobile device they use, there is a huge potential here,” commented Tim Parker, Chairman and CEO of Samsonite.

In 2012, Samsonite already took over the American luxury brand Hartmann and the US sports brand High Sierra. In 2014, Samsonite also purchased Lipault, a young luggage brand of French origin, and Gregory Mountain Products.

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