BrandCharger cooperating with SPS


UK/NL – BrandCharger, one of the leading international manufacturers of USB charging devices for the promotional products trade that is based in the Netherlands and the British company SPS will be joining forces in the future. SPS will be taking on the role as exclusive sales partner and will be distributing the high-quality and multiple award-winning products of BrandCharger on the British promotional products market and will in turn be expanding its range of products to include among others innovative powerbanks and travel adapters. “Our customers have been asking us to add more ‘techy’ products to our range for some time, but it was really important that we found the right supplier, where we could be confident of the highest quality standards, product safety, stylish designs and a reliable supply chain. By partnering with BrandCharger, we believe we have achieved that and we’re delighted to start distributing their products in the UK comments Diane Anderton, Sales and Marketing Director at SPS.

BrandCharger is according to own sources one of the first manufacturers in the industry to obtain a full BSCI accreditation (Business Social Compliance Initiative).


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