Sol’s joins the Fair Wear Foundation

Sols_Fair_wear_shirt_250x316F – Since June 1, 2014 Sol’s has been according to own accounts the first French member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). By joining the organisation, which asserts itself for the improvement of the working conditions in the clothing industry, the textile label is underlining its ethical and social approach. Among others Sol‘s has committed itself to comply with the FWF codex, which is based on the internationally accepted working standards and which encompasses the following eight points: No forced labour, no discrimination at the place of work, no child labour, freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining, minimum living wages, reasonable working hours, a safe and healthy working climate and legally binding working conditions. A further part of the agreement is an action plan drawn up by the FWF, which is implemented on-site in cooperation with the plant managers as well as the annual submission of a status report documenting the improvements of the working conditions.

The FWF, which was founded in 1999, unites around 90 members from seven European countries, who represent over 120 brands. The independent organisation regularly checks that its members and manufacturers comply with the codex throughout over 15 European countries, Asia and Africa.

A detailed portrait on Sol’s will appear in the coming issue of eppi magazine, No. 100 (August 6, 2014).

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