Igepa group: Expanding product range

collage_igepa_group_sortiment_250x250D – The Igepa Group is expanding its range of promotional textiles. In future, in addition to flex and flock foils and hot pressing for textile transfers, the internationally-operating paper wholesaler group that is based in Germany will also be offering the respective textiles of the brands Sol‘s and Anvil. The product line-up encompasses T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts as well as soft-shell jackets, caps, ties and aprons. “Expanding the product range is a logical step. Customers can bundle their orders of transfer materials and textiles, which makes us a strong partner on the growing Corporate Fashion market,” stated Business Unit Head, Nils A. Honscha.

The Igepa group is represented at over 80 locations in 25 countries and serves more than 50,000 customers. With a headcount of approx. 3,500, according to company sources, the paper wholesaler group turned over 2 billion Euros throughout Europe in 2012 together with its strategic partners and sold 1.8 mil. tonnes of paper.



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