Anniversary: 115 years of Eurostyle

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Run the company today (f.t.l.): Peter Lange, Evelin Lange and Alexander Lange.

D – This year Eurostyle Emil Kreher is celebrating its 115th anniversary. The German family business run by Peter and Evelin Lange and their son Alexander Lange is in the hands of the fourth generation and since 2009, also in its fifth generation, was founded in 1899 and has been specialising in leather production since its very inception. Since the end of the 1950s, the leather factory has been producing small volumes of products for the


Company founder Emil Kreher.

promotional products market that are made out of leather and other materials. The brand Eurostyle was introduced in the mid-1970s – a milestone in the history of the company, which turned the Emil Kreher leather factory into an important player in the German promotional products business.

Today, the name Eurostyle stands for 115 years of tradition in leather processing, from the draft through to the fine artisanship, from the prototype through to the marketing and logistics – which is based on craftsmanship, skilled design competence, market know-how, service orientation and innovative spirit. In addition to small leather items such as Smartphone cases and key wallets as well as travel equipment such as suitcases and bags, in the meantime the collection, which comprises of 400 products, also includes fashion accessories such as handbags, scarves and bracelets. Comprehensive quality management, large warehouse capacities, a professional customising service and its own in-house prototype department round off Eurostyle’s spectrum of services.


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