PSF Forum, Lucerne: Swiss industry gets together


CH – On June 5, 2014 the Swiss promotional products industry met up in Lucerne for their annual PSF Forum: The trade fair that is organised by the Swiss association Promoswiss offers the Swiss promotional products trade the opportunity to gather information on the portfolios of the suppliers. 66 exhibitors showcased their products in the Schweizerhof Hotel in Lucerne. The precise attendance figure was not available at the time of going to press, however the Promoswiss board and the organiser Michael Mätzener were not quite satisfied with the response. “We undertook intensive visitor marketing efforts – for the first time in the form of a personal telephone acquisition campaign in the run-up to the event – and had received pre-registrations from around 60 distributor companies, who were to be represented by approx. 150 persons. However, not all of them attended.“ Most of the exhibitors were nevertheless particularly pleased about the quality of the visitors, the most important distributors visited the show by all accounts.

Promoswiss also used the PSF Forum as a platform for introducing its new educational programme: Together with the Swiss Institute Grundbildung Kommunikation (Basic Education Communication) Promoswiss has developed a three-year apprenticeship as a merchant business person in the Communications industry, focusing on “promotional products”. Furthermore, the industry award, PromoFritz 2014, was presented during the Gala Dinner held on the evening of the show.

A detailed report on the PSF Forum and on the winners of the PromoFritz will be published in eppi magazine, No. 100 (August 6, 2014).

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