Anniversary: Markclip turns 30


Markclip CEO, Alexander van den Berg.

NL – This year Markclip International is celebrating its 30 anniversary. The Dutch company, which made a name for itself worldwide by inventing the individually imprintable promotional office paperclip, Markclip, evolved out of the company AB Screen in 1984, which was founded in 1973 and which specialised in imprinted promotional note items. In 1982, the company came up with the idea of manufacturing high-impact promotional paperclips. Three years later the production line had been developed and the first Markclip was printed. The break-through followed in 1986, after the company received the export prize of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Several machines were quickly installed, in order to satisfy the rapidly increasing demand for the promotional clip. In the meantime, four-colour, six-colour, eight-colour and ten-colour machines are available.

In the course of the following years, the Markclip family grew: In 1996, a new member of the clip family was launched onto the market, the aXionclip, which comes in eleven standard shapes and which can also be custom designed. Then five Wingclips that can be imprinted on both sides and the new relief-embossed Cornerclip were introduced. Currently, promoting companies can choose from almost 20 clip shapes and decide whether these should be imprinted or laser engraved. The production of the promotional clips has in the meantime been relocated to Poland, whereby the company’s headquarters are still based in the Netherlands. Markclip currently has a headcount of 25 employees.




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