Visitor survey on HAPTICA® live ’14: 92% want to return in 2015

D – When the HAPTICA® live ’14 came to a close at the Palladium in Cologne on March 26, 2014 it had recorded a 56% increase in attendance: 959 visitors (previous year: 614 participants) had explored the offer of the “Experience of Haptic Advertising” and had let themselves be inspired by 78 exhibitors, two special exhibitions, the lecture programme and the prize-ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award 2014.Over half of the visitors were promotional products users (industry customers and agencies), the remaining visitors came from the promotional products industry. In the course of an electronic survey held after the second edition of HAPTICA® live, the organisers, the Cologne based publishing company, WA Publishing, had requested feedback – and with a response rate of around 25%, they received not only a very good response, but also lots of praise: 88% of the visitors reported that their expectations had been completely fulfilled, 92% want to visit the HAPTICA® live again in 2015.

For many, predominantly the search for product novelties was the major reason for visiting the HAPTICA® live: According to the survey, 80% came to the event to look for novelties among the line-ups of the exhibitors. However, it was also about specific projects in Cologne: Almost one third of the respondents stated that they were looking for a haptic promotional product for a specific occasion, which meant the exhibitors had plenty of concrete tasks to take home with them.

The range of products as well as the number of exhibitors also scored good marks: The diversity of the products exhibited was overall awarded the grade 2.0, the visual appearance of the event scored 1.9. The product categories give-aways, USB and electronic products, writing instruments, cups and premium products attracted the most interest. But also special requirements such as “made in Germany“, bio & fair trade or custom-made designs were also on the list of priorities of many of the visitors.

A detailed report will be published in eppi magazine, No. 99 (June 4, 2014).


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