Biella: New Chairman of the Board and growth

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New in office: Biella Chairman of the Board, Rolf U. Sutter.

CH – Rolf U. Sutter is the new Chairman of the Board of the Swiss Biella-Neher Holding AG. Sutter was elected on April 28, 2014 during the 114th General Meeting. He takes over the Chairmanship from Dominik Sauter, who provisionally assumed the post last year after the death of the long-standing Chairman of the Board, Daniel Eicher. Sauter will henceforth carry out his role as Vice-Chairman of the Board again.

A further point on the agenda was the turnover development of the internationally operating office item manufacturer. By taking over the Falken Group, the file business of Hamelin and the office item delivery business of Carpentier, Biella is actively taking part in the necessary consolidation process of the paper, office and stationery industry, which still finds itself in a difficult position as a result of the ongoing digitalisation. After eliminating the effects of the disinvestments in the soft plastic sector and wholesale business in Poland in 2013, Biella was able to increase its turnover in the first quarter of 2014 in comparison to the previous year, the company is however expecting a gradual decline in the demand for classic office items.

The Biella Group has production locations in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain and Romania, and logistics centres in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands as well as being able to fall back on a European-wide sales network. The entire Biella group employs an annual average of approx. 910 employees.


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