Alibaba launches huge US initial public offering

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The headquarters of the Alibaba Group in Hangzhou, China. (Photo source: www.alibabagroup.com)

CN/USA – The Chinese online platform Alibaba submitted an application for a new issue with the USA stock exchange supervisory body SEC on May 5, 2014. This is the starting shot for the company’s floatation on the US stock exchange. The online trader already announced its intention to obtain a public listing on the American stock exchange in September 2013.

The volume of issues of 1 billion US dollars is deemed to be a placeholder. The US media is actually speculating on a volume of up to 20 billion dollars, which would be the biggest public offering since Facebook’s offering of 16 billion dollars in the year 2012. The six consortium leaders of the stock exchange are Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. The date of the floatation, the number of shares and their unit price as well as the stock exchange centre are currently unknown.

Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma in 1999. Today, the Alibaba Group, which boasts 300 million customers and 25,000 employees, transacts 80% of all private Internet purchases in China; the group also operates the B2B platform alibaba.com. The overall volume of the purchases made via the Alibaba portals is estimated to reach a volume of just under 300 billion euros this year. Alibaba already sells much more goods than Amazon and Ebay together. The stock exchange value of the company is estimated to be between 160 and 200 billion dollars – in comparison Siemens is listed with a stock exchange value of 110 billion dollars, Facebook with 160 billion dollars.


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