Wolfgang Amann: Back from his trip to the Philippines

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Wolfgang Amann treating a boy in the Mariphil Children’s Village on the Philippine Island, Mindanao.

D – Wolfgang Amann, who put out a call for donations for the victims of the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines at the end of last year, brought the aid supplies purchased from the donations collected – including among others 120 kg of medicine and bandages, water filters and emergency food supplies – to the Philippines in person.

The trip planned in cooperation with the aid organisation, Philger e.V., (Philippines Germany) was scheduled from February 13 to March 7. During this time, Amann, who many industry players know as the founder of the company Protrade Europe and who is in the meantime a self-employed consultant to among others companies from the promotional products market, also provided medical services on-site. For example, the trained paramedic spent two and a half weeks in a Children’s Village of the Mariphil Aid Project on the Island of Mindanao, where he attended to smaller injuries, examined the children, schooled housewives in first aid and explained how to use the water filters he had supplied.

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