RAPEX Report 2013: Increased number of warnings about toys

Rapex_ist2_2295531_BEARBEITET werbeartikel nachrichten wa mediaasdfasdfkleinernochEU – According to a report drawn up by the European Commission on the EU rapid alert system for unsafe products (RAPEX for short), in 2013 the number of warnings about toys increased by 63.1% up to 580 compared to the previous year (2012: 366). In the tenth year since the introduction of the rapid alert system a total of 2,364 complaints were logged, which corresponds to a 3.8% increase (2012: 2,278).

After clothes, textiles and fashion accessories (583 reports) toys rank second among the categories of goods reported. The most frequent reports concerning these two consumer sectors include chemical risks as well as the risk of strangulation, injury or suffocation. Clothes, textiles and fashion accessories as well as toys each account for 25% of all of the reported products, followed by electrical appliances and accessories (9%), vehicles (7%) and cosmetics (4%). In total, 64% of the reported products came from China and Hong Kong, 15% from Europe. As last year, the most warnings came from Hungary (278 reports), followed by Germany (259), Spain (254), Bulgaria (191) and Great Britain (142).

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