EU: “Made in“ label to become compulsory

werbeartikel nachrichten paragraphenzeichen wa media e letter kleinerEU – In a plenary session on April 15, 2014 the majority of the EU Members of Parliament in Brussels voted in favour that non-food products sold on the EU Common Market should be labelled with the details of the respective country of origin.In this way, the EU Parliament is supporting a draft of a law submitted by the EU Commission on February 13, 2013 for a new regulation on the safety of consumer products, which proposes among others a compulsory “made-in“ labelling. Up until now, stating such details was voluntary for European manufacturers.

According to the new regulations, in future manufacturers from the EU are to either label their goods with the inscription “made in the EU” or “made in“ followed by the corresponding country of origin. The determination of the place of origin of a product is laid down by the applicable EU customs codex. According to the codex, if two or more countries are involved in the production of goods, the country of origin is the one where the “last essential and economically justifiable processing has occurred.“

According to the Members of Parliament, the “made in“ labelling improves the traceability of the goods and the level of consumer protection. At present, approx. 10% of the goods that are picked up by the rapid alert system of the Community for dangerous products (RAPEX), cannot be traced back to the manufacturer.Furthermore, the EU Parliament demands tougher sanctions for companies that offer non-conform or potentially dangerous products. The EU member states don’t have to agree to the draft yet.


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