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As a family business with over 100 years of experience, the Austrian terry cloth manufacturer, Framsohn Frottier, can build its future on a solid foundation. The fully integrated industry firm has comprehensive know-how in all production steps and brings advertising messages close to the target group using innovative customising methods.

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The history of the textile production in Lower Austria is closely interwoven with the region’s agriculture: In the past, the farmers spun their own sheep’s coats into wool or grew flax at home to top up their income. Countless small weaving mills arose as a result. The family business Framsohn Frottier that was founded in 1908 in Heidenreichstein falls in line with this tradition and looks back on its history with pride: The great grandfather of the present sole Managing Director, Philipp Schulner, laid the foundation for the terry cloth company that operates on a European- wide basis today with a simple handloom.

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At the PSI 2014, the Managing Director Philipp
Schulner and Key Account Manager Isabella Zeller-Ebhart presented the new bathrobes manufactured using the Framsohn HD Print technique.

Under one roof

After opening its own dying department and expanding the production plant in the seventies and eighties, today Framsohn bundles all production steps from the preparation of the raw yarn, through to the packaging and dispatch under one roof. The advantages: short transport routes, fast delivery times and the complete quality control of all work processes.
Between 400 and 450 tonnes of yarn are processed into towels and beach towels, bath mats and bathrobes as well as tea towels every year. A team of 70 production and administration employees carry out the tasks at hand, including the Key Account Manager Isabella Zeller-Ebhart, who has been working for the towelling specialists since 1989. For the past five years, she has been responsible for the promotion sector, which is served exclusively by promotional products distributors. “Because I have been working for Framsohn for so long I know the products and the production processes inside out – which has made the development of the B2B business much easier,“ stated Zeller-Ebhart.
Several production steps are required before the raw yarn turns into a finished towel: First of all the raw yarn is processed into warps on the spools. During this process, the yarns are brought close together on wide rollers. In the next step, the individual threads are entwined with each other in line with the predefined fabric appearance. The ready-woven materials are then dyed, washed and dried. Subsequently, they can be cut to size and further processed in the sewing shop.

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Border weaving allows detailed promotional messages to be woven into the smooth border using fancy yarn in up to four colours.

Commitment to the environment

One advantage of the company’s location is the soft primitive rock water, which is acquired from the firm’s own spring. After being filtered and treated the water is used for the dying process, before being cleaned and fed back into the water cycle.
Thanks to the high quality of the water, only a limited amount of chemicals have to be used in the production process. This is not only kinder to the environment, but also to the fibres of the towels. “Fibres that are treated with too many chemicals are more prone to ripping or annoying pilling effects. In order to prevent this, further chemical substances are often used. Thanks to the soft water, we can avoid this to a large extent and can customise our towels in a particularly eco-friendly manner,” explained Zeller-Ebhart.
In May 2011, Framsohn Frottier was distinguished with the Austrian Trigo in the category “Market” for its regional, ecological and resource-saving production and for its socially responsible attitude. The company convinced with the submitted project “Organic Touch – the new generation of bio-towelling“. Prize-winners of the Austrian award include trade associations and non-governmental organisations. Furthermore, as a holder of the certifications Oeko-Tex 100 and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Framsohn demonstrates that product optimisation and environmental protection don’t have to rule each other out.

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The full-surface printing technique Framsohn HD Print offers almost unlimited design possibilities with the highest possible print resolution.

High innovative power

The towelling specialist is also a pioneer in other areas and is thus constantly searching for new materials, weaving and customising techniques. The results of the research are turned into new collections: In addition to high-quality ring yarn, the traditional company also processes the botanic fibre MicroModal® out of European beech wood for its towel series Quattro. Even after being washed frequently, the material remains smooth, absorbent and colourfast. 100% highquality, combed cotton with extremely long fibres forms the basis for the Premium series. A special spinning process smooths down the yarn and gives it an elegant shine without losing the feeling of smoothness and volume.
Framsohn also continually works on new developments on the customising front. The innovative Framsohn HD Print technique, which won a Promotional Gift Award 2013, is a new high-resolution full-surface printing technique for towelling. The customising technique excels because of its colour brilliance and representation of the motifs in photo quality. Thanks to the completely digital process, all colours and shapes can be reproduced and fast delivery times and a fixed price can be guaranteed regardless of which motif is chosen. At this year’s PSI Show, the technique was presented for the first time ever on bathrobes.
More discrete advertising messages can be realised on borders as a transfer print, as well as in the form of Jacquard, relief and border weaving or embroidery. An own palette of colours including 23 shades and CI-conform Pantone colours round off the offer for promoting companies, who want to cover their target group in fluffy terry cloth.

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