Alta Seta: New Executive Board

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Jessica Borges and Patrick Polaniok.

D – The German tie specialist, Alta Seta, has a new executive board: After almost 14 years of successful cooperation, the Alta Seta co-CEO, Kirsten Dreyer, has left the company based in Wunstorf. In addition to the present CEO Toska Siekmann, the former Account Manager Patrick Polaniok has been appointed as a new, young member of the board. Polaniok has already been working for the company since 2008, where his tasks included sales, customer acquisal and customer bonding.

The company has also recruited Jessica Borges, a further young face, who will be responsible for the development and implementation of new ideas. Borges has been employed by Alta Seta since 2004 and supports the company as Creative Director in matters to do with product design and external PR.


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