Official launch of The Amerika Group

Logo TAG 3 lines werbartiel nachrichten wa mediaUSA/F – The Amerika Group (TAG), an alliance of American suppliers from the promotional industry that was created to provide better services to the European market, has opened an office in Paris, France. The first three members of this new association are Zoogee (domed products), i nova (promotional plastics) and Botanical Paperworks (eco-paper embedded with seeds), all of them Canadian companies which have been working in the promotional industry for at least more than a decade each already.

The group will handle requests from distributors of all European countries and will sell exclusively to resellers of promotional items as each member currently does in North America. By working in the same time zone as European distributors The Amerika Group will be able to react quickly in case of an emergency and distributors will not have to wait six hours or more to receive an urgent quote or to have someone deal with their needs.

The Amerika Group will keep on adding new suppliers from the North American industry in the months to come but also products from North America which are not already sold in the promotional industry. It also wishes to propose to the industry, within the next year, a large catalogue of items produced by North American manufacturers.


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