Accused of sexism: Adidas withdraws World Cup shirts

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BR – The sports item manufacturer Adidas has come under criticsm because of two T-shirts from its current World Cup collection. According to the Brazilian tourism board, Embratur, the motifs of the World Cup sponsor are sexist. One of the T-shirts shows a lady wearing a bikini and carries the ambiguous slogan “Lookin‘ to score”. On a further T-shirt bearing the slogan “I love Brazil“ the word “love” is portrayed by a heart symbol in the form of a bum. In a press release published on February 25, 2014, Embratur spurned the commercialisation of products that link the image of Brazil with sexual comments. The WM sponsor Adidas reacted immediately and withdrew the controversial collection, which was exclusively sold in the USA. The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, commented on the matter via the online platform Twitter, declaring that she was happy to welcome tourists to the Football World Cup, but that she was also ready to fight sex tourism.




Source: twitter

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