Wonderfully versatile

resultshirtThe Resultshirt submitted to the Promotional Gift Award 2014 by dekoGraphics achieved a fantastic result: It was namely distinguished in the category Communicative Products. The unisex T-shirt made of 100% Oeko-Tex-certified cotton in a material quality of 145 g/m² will particularly cause a stir during the Football World Cup 2014, because among others it can communicate the respective score or end result.

Different patches that can be attached to the front of the shirt using an, according to company accounts, novel patented technique allow many variation options. The reusable adhesive films are equipped with country flags and digits for goal results or bets, slogans or emoticons especially for football or other sporting events, turning the shirt into a very versatile promotional product. Furthermore, a selection of customised films is available via a database. The minimum order quantity for the Resultshirt is ten pieces.

dekoGraphics GmbH

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