Versatile promotional products

_MG_6563-2_smallAs a result of its extreme versatility and excellent customising options the Infinity Bumper by Raxy Line impressed the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2014 and thus succeeded in winning a prize in the category Communicative Products.

The robust, non-slip and shockproof PVC protective case is much more than just a conventional iPhone cover: The back cover is exchangeable and can be chosen to match the owner’s mood, outfit, agenda or alternatively it can be swapped with friends. This guarantees the user plenty of fun and communicative exchange, while ensuring that the advertising messages impacts on a large audience. Promotions involving collecting various models of the cover are also possible.

The outside edge made of plastic and rubber always protects the smartphone because only the back case is exchanged. This means that raw materials can be saved during the production process of the Infinity Bumper. Furthermore, less storage and transport space is necessary, which ultimately has an environmentally-friendly effect.

The back cover can be imprinted with individual motifs enabling the advertising message to be presented in a striking and versatile manner.

Raxy Line Srl

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