Promotional wave

bomeAt the Promotional Gift Award 2014 Bome presented a mailing with an innovative laser cutting technique and was promptly rewarded with a prize in the category Customising Technologies. The award-winning e-wave process enables well-legible, high-quality engravings to be cut into the material despite its wavy structure. Thus, the product that presents all of the services of the Bome paper customising company in one go doesn’t need to be imprinted at all. The item stands out because of its pure design, whereby the open wave turns the written information into a haptic experience thanks to the unique high-quality of the cutting and engraving technique. Almost any motif can be realised for the individual engraving.

The customising technique is protected by a patent registered at the Patent Office in Munich and it not only convinces as a result of its haptic and visual qualities, but also due to its sustainability: Production is carried out using eco-power, furthermore the printing plate manufacturing process and the energy-intensive printing process itself both become superfluous.

BOME – Papierveredelung

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