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axismundi_memoryAxis Mundi is presenting Little Steps Eco-Memory – an exciting new version of the classic children’s game. In contrast to the classic edition of Memory, you don’t have to find two identical motifs, instead in the case of Eco-Memory, which is produced in an environmentally friendly manner, the task of the players is to find pairs of images that complement each other and place them together. On the 28 wooden plates environmental problems are represented as black pictograms and their solutions are depicted as green motifs. In a playful manner the combination of problems and solutions conveys to the children how important the careful handling of nature and raw materials is. The Eco-Memory, which claimed a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products, is part of the Little Steps series, which comprises of many other newly interpreted classic games.

The educationally valuable item, which is manufactured in the EU from FSC-certified wood and paper, can be adapted to meet individual demands. For example, the motifs on the game board can be designed to match the specific themes of the advertising company. Furthermore, the bag and the label can be customised and colour-coordinated in line with the company’s CI.

Axis Mundi, d.o.o.

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