Identification inclusive

Foto2_smallWith an imaginative campaign for the spirits manufacturer, Underberg, Plan Concept impressively demonstrated how the theme sustainability can be effectively conveyed using a haptic promotional product. A Senator writing instrument of the Akzento Icy series forms the basis of the Underberg Ballpoint Pen that won a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Best Practice. In the course of a premium programme for landlords, bottle tops of the herbal liqueur were collected, cleaned and then processed so that the shaft of the ballpoint pen could be cast out of five bottle tops.

As a result of parts of the small bottles being transformed into a promotional product, the ballpoint pen enfolds a huge communicative and high identification potential for the promoted product. The pen is implemented as an onpack item for the target group of Underberg customers in retail outlets as well as in the restaurant sector.

Similar campaigns are particularly conceivable for all companies that use recyclable plastic for the production of their products.

Plan Concept Dr. Lichtenberg GmbH

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