Xindao presents “Vision 2020”


Presented the programme: CEO Albert van der Veen (l) and Managing Director Diederik van Styrum.

D – The Dutch import company, Xindao presented “Vision 2020”, its ambitious corporate strategy for the coming years, at the PSI Show. The aim is for the company to become 100% sustainable by the year 2020. This means among others that all of the products are to be manufactured from recycled, recyclable, environmentally-friendly and toxic-free materials, without the use of any PVC, and wrapped inside environmentally-friendly packaging. Furthermore, the products are to display functional and unique designs and not be disposable or everyday items. The own brand, XD Design, will play a major role in this strategy. The production and transport processes will also be tested and correspondingly optimised to ensure that they are socially responsible and eco-friendly. Moreover, by the year 2020, Xindao intends to have down away with print catalogues completely and operate paperless offices and green vehicle fleets. The ongoing processes are to be documented and made transparent.

According to the company’s CEO, Albert van der Veen and Managing Director, Diederik van Styrum, global developments such as population growth, resource shortages and environmental pollution, but also developments within the industry demand radical rethinking. They also added that if the company manages to attain its goals, “Vision 2020” is going to be Xindao’s “best gift yet”. The complete programme is posted at

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