Promoswiss: Slight decline in turnover in Switzerland

CH – The 40 association members of the Promoswiss completed the fiscal year 2012 with a slight decline in turnover of approx. 3.7%, which corresponded to 130 mil. Francs (approx. 105.6 mil. Euros). This was announced by a current survey of the industry association, which represents the interests of the Swiss promotional products industry. According to the official figures, whereas the companies were able to announce an increase in turnover for 2011, the overall turnover of all of the interviewed association members fell by approx. 8 mil. Francs in the fiscal year 2012 (approx. 6.5 mil. Euros). Furthermore the association members employed 276 employees (rounded up to full-time jobs), which was three employees less than in the previous year.

Apart from the turnover declines, the association members were able to report about positive developments in individual areas. For example, the costs for post and transport remained stable. Furthermore, the product areas textiles, stationery, bags and electronic products were able to match their previous year turnover figures. The sector of custom-made products was even able to achieve a 6.9% increase in turnover in 2012.


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