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Maikii: italian creativity

Founded in 2008, today Maikii is a global player with subsidiaries in Italy, China and the USA, which has positioned itself in both the B2B and …more
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CFC: Living heritage

The Compagnie Francaise des Crayons (CFC) is, according to own statements, the last producer of wooden pencils in France. The company, whose roots date back to …more
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Cottel: Tradition and progress

Founded in 1948, Cottel looks back on a long tradition in the promotional products business. In 2007, the company hailed its fourth generation of owners and …more
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The French industry, Part II

In contrast to François Hollandes’ stumbling government, the organisation of the French promotional products industry seems to function well – at least according to industry insiders. …more
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Gildan: Recognition for CSR

CDN – Gildan Activewear Inc. is being recognised for its CSR measures and initiatives. According to own accounts, the Canadian textile company is the only …more
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