Daiber: A colourful array of novelties

D – At a press brunch at the Frankfurter Presseclub on November 19, 2013 the textile specialist Daiber presented extracts from the new collections of the two Daiber brands, James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach, to the attending media representatives. The new double-face catalogue of the two Daiber brands is being advertised under the slogan “getmore 2014”. A claim that Daiber is justifying by offering 110 novelties and almost 100 new shades, including trendy colours such as fern green or tomato. The collections of the Workwear, Business, Young Lifestyle, Maritime, Running, Team, Fan Items and Spa lines provide many fashionable and functional novelties, covering the entire palette of promotional textiles. The Basic sector has also been expanded by adding for example a favourably priced T-shirt as well as several trendy models.

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Daiber CEO, Kai Gminder, presenting new polo shirts from the Maritime sector.

Daiber also announced that it is changing agencies: The company is now using the Lach agency, a true textile communications expert. Previously the Kiesewetter agency had been responsible for Daiber’s marketing and corporate communications for 20 years and had accompanied the firm on its way to becoming a global brand.

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