Lexon: The beauty of simplicity

“Design in life“ is Lexon’s creed – and that is programmatic: The French brand stands for products that unite simplicity with emotionality and outstanding design and which are at the same time userfriendly and affordable.

Lexon_ShowroomWhether it’s the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning, the coffee pot on the breakfast table, the bags we carry on the way to work, the calculator or the USB port on the desk or the radio we listen to in the evening: We are surrounded by utensils and devices of everyday use. Why not design these objects as simply and usefully, but at the same time as elegantly as possible?
This was the idea René Adda had in 1991 when he launched his brand Lexon. “My plan was to develop simple, yet innovative products created by famous designers, which stand out from the masses and which have an emotional impact on their owners,” explained the CEO, whose company is well-known today worldwide.

Uniform design language

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René Adda, founder and CEO of Lexon.

The Lexon products are created by a network of over 40 international designers – including renowned names as well as aspiring young talents. “Our concept entails bringing several generations of designers together,“ stated Adda, who of course also still drafts designs himself.
In spite of this multi-faceted “designer family“ the company always succeeds in developing a uniform design language for all of its products, regardless of whether they are electronic items, watches, bags or leisure-time accessories. This includes clear contours, futuristic elements as well as unconventional colours and materials. For example, bamboo, aluminium and porcelain are implemented for the Safe series and Tyvek, which is usually used for decorators or cleaners overalls, is implemented for the bags of the Air series. The Colors collection on the other hand comprises of products made of ABS, rubber or silicon that come in many bright shades – including the Tykho radio, which is one of the most famous Lexon creations. “All of our products are items of daily use, which fulfil a set purpose for their owners, but they are also designed to have an emotional impact on their users too,” explained Adda.

Global presence

22 years after its foundation, the company now has sales partners in 85 countries. 22 employees work at the headquarters in Boulogne Billancourt, near Paris, 30 in Xiamen, China, where Lexon China was set up in 2009. The main tasks of the Chinese subsidiary are managing the production and the quality controls, as well as carrying out – to an ever-increasing extent – sales activities on the Chinese domestic market, which Lexon is eagerly trying to get a firm foothold on: “Initially we opened up several own shops in Xiamen and then we continued to expand. In the meantime, there are 140 Lexon retail shops in China and the B2B sector is also showing constant growth too.“ Overall, Lexon achieves around 50% of its turnover on the promotional products market. The company has also been active in the B2B sector since it was founded, after all Adda had already gained 18 years of comprehensive experience in that sector: “In 1973 I started working for my father’s newly founded company, which imported cigarette lighters from Japan. Hence, I got to know the promotional products market at a very early age and I am thus familiar with its mechanisms and requirements.“

As a result, Lexon offers its customers in the B2B area high flexibility as far as the design and modification of its products is concerned: “Our products can be customised using all popular techniques, i.e. screen or pad printing or laser engraving, etc. Furthermore, we also offer custommade designs – depending on the volumes and the delivery periods required by the respective customer,“ remarked Adda.

Brand with reputation

Whether standard products or tailor-made designs – the customers definitely profit from the reputation that the brand Lexon enjoys. The company’s high media presence in the international press is evidence of this – it is not difficult to work out why the company’s stylish products are the absolute “favourites” of many top design, lifestyle or home living magazines.

Lexon headquartests beauty of simplicity marketing werbeartikel verlag wa media eppi magazine

Unusual materials: Whereas bamboo is used for the Safe series

The company has already won around 40 international awards, including four red dot design awards within two years. Employees of the French company are frequently asked to hold lectures at design schools, congresses or festivals – for example the company recently played an active role in the Beijing Design Week. Invited along with other international brands and co-hosted by Ministers of Education, Culture, Science, Technology and the Beijing Municipal

Government, Lexon has been officially named as the “2013 Best Creative Company Present in China” by the Bejing Design Week committee.
Finally, Lexon can also be found in museums: Several renowned museums such as the MoMa branches in New York and Tokyo and Pompidou Centre in Paris sell Lexon products in their shops. This is definitely proof that Lexon has not only got its finger on the pulse of the market, but that it has also succeeded in finding a design language that is hailed as a modern icon for design.

photos: Lexon


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