Polyconcept and Zippo: Sales cooperation terminated

Zippo Intern giftboxEU – After a 20-year sales cooperation, Polyconcept and Zippo are going their separate ways. According to an official press release by PF Concept, in future the Zippo Manufacturing Company will be handling the distribution of its products on the European market itself, after purchasing Polyconcept’s share in Zippo Europe. Allegedly, the reason for the take-over is that Zippo aims to expand its activities on the European market and increase its sales figures.

The stated reason for the mutually agreed decision is the different long-term business goals of the two companies. “Zippo has been a fantastic partner to Polyconcept throughout the years. We are completely supporting Zippo‘s wish to take over the distribution of its own items on these markets and wish the company every success for the future,“ said Michael Bernstein, President of Polyconcept.



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