Merger between Geiger and Notes

Geiger-Notes Handshake 2013-10-04 Siller Geiger

Empathy and synergy: Jürgen Geiger (l) and Edgar Siller are looking forward to a joint future.

D – As of January 1, 2014 the two German companies, the Geiger Aktiengesellschaft and Notes GmbH & Co. KG will be joining ranks and will in future operate under the company name Geiger-Notes AG. The result will be an enterprise with four locations, 180 employees and according to official statements an annual turnover of 27 mil. Euros. The product line-up encompasses calendars, notebooks and printed advertising items such as sticky memos and writing pads.

The initial contact between the two companies occurred a year ago when Geiger approached Notes because they were looking for a further printing service provider. The idea of merging the companies evolved – particularly since Edgar Siller was looking for a succession arrangement without wanting to sell his company. He will take up a position on the Supervisory Board of Geiger-Notes AG from January 1 and will also carry out an advisory role for the subsequent two years, accompanying the integration of the two companies.

The Geiger-Notes AG will be able to carry out almost all components of the value chain in-house in future – with shorter routes and a growing independence from external service providers. The established contact partners in the customer service sector will remain unchanged: The Notes team will continue to advise customers on the theme of adhesive notes and printed promotional products and the Geiger employees will deal with enquiries for calendars and notebooks.



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