Lema 3D: The soft wonder material

At Lema 3D everything evolves around soft PVC: the company from Krakow can form almost any shape imaginable out of the flexible material.

Lema 3d krysztof buszkoo managing director

Krzysztof Buszko, founder and Managing Director of Lema 3D.

 “To our knowledge we are the only company in the EU that can actually cast soft PVC,“ explained Managing Director, Krzysztof Buszko, who founded Lema 3D in 2004
The patented technique that Lema 3D developed itself involves liquid soft PVC being injected into a pre-milled aluminium mould in several layers at high speed – the exact details are subject to strict secrecy. After being cast the material has to dry for a while and yet – depending on the order volume – the entire process from the graphic design on the computer to the finished product only takes between four and five hours.
In addition to the short production time the process also offers a row of further advantages: “We can already produce very small volumes,“ explained Marketing Director, Anna Folek. “What’s more, there is hardly a shape that we are not able to produce.“
As such, the Krakow-based company doesn’t actually have any standard products. Each product is more or less a custom-made design. Depending on the requirements, key or mobile phone pendants in the form of a company logo or product, bracelets or lanyards, coasters or beer mats, stickers or fridge magnets can be manufactured – the list is infinite.
“Furthermore, we additionally offer individually- shaped USB sticks for order volumes of 500 pieces – and for a surcharge smaller quantities are

liquid pvc lema 3d

The patented process initially involves a mould being milled and then filled with liquid PVC.

possible,“ reported Buszko. “We only use high-quality storage media that are produced in Poland – a totally competitive and worthwhile alternative to import products from the Far East.“ These are unique selling points that are highly appreciated by promotional products distributors – many of whom have their parts cast in Krakow, which has led to the company experiencing rapid growth: Having started off with one machine, the company now possesses 20, which together are able to produce up to 500,000 pieces a month.
A wide spectrum of customers and industries are supplied with products via the promotional products trade – the only sales channel – in the meantime far beyond the Polish borders: “Especially Italy and France, but also Germany and England are promising markets,“ stated Folek. “One thing is certain: We want to continue to expand.”


photos: Lema 3d

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