DreamPen: Passion and creativity

DreamPen has been proving for almost 15 years that pioneering innovations are indeed also possible in the writing instrument business. The company is one of the biggest writing instrument manufacturers in Poland and is continuing to pursue its expansion course.

dream pen makin department

The mould making department.

It is not easy to stand out from the masses in a market that is as huge as the writing instrument market. Given the vast amount of suppliers and products of all colours, price segments, materials and shapes, there doesn’t seem to be anything that doesn’t already exist. And yet a few manufacturers keep on managing to surprise the market with genuine – and above all useful – innovations.

When DreamPen presented its new product, Clip4you a few years ago, the company from Zielona Góra really caused a stir on the market. Because being able to produce small volumes of individually designed ballpoint pen clips in any imaginable shape at realistic prices, was a real novelty. The standard injection moulds of certain models of the DreamPen portfolio – Galaxy, Infinity, Optimus, Lotus and Gladiator – can be used for the individual clips they merely have to be modified to match the custom-made parts in line with the customer’s requirements. The result is clips in the shape of dream pen buildingminiature product replicas, logos or slogans for instance. The clips can subsequently be digitally imprinted with a resolution of 1,440 dpi. The true-to-detail and colour-intensive imprint further reinforces the 3D effect.

“Because we have concentrated all production processes under one roof, we only need a few days to produce an individual clip,“ explained Dariusz Libera, who founded DreamPen in the year 1995 together with his wife, Mariola. They have both been Managing Directors of the company ever since.

Perfected procedures

In the meantime around 50 employees work at the DreamPen headquarters in Zielona Góra, which is strategically located in the West of Poland – only 150 km away from Berlin. All production steps are located under one roof – from order placement, to the graphics department, the machine-making department and injection moulding, through to the customising shop and the warehouse. The production process is subjected to a strict, regulated procedure: “We want the customer to have the feeling that he is welllooked after at all times. At the same time we want to reduce defects and friction losses down to a minimum,” reported Dariusz Libera. “Customers are permanently kept up-to-date about the status of their project – from prototypes, to the first details about the production, through to the print approval.“

dream pen printing tepartment22

The printing department.

The graphics department is the creative “engine” of the production, where the designs are created and processed per CAD software for the mould making. High-quality injection moulds made out of precision steel – the basis for the subsequent injection-moulding process, which is carried out using modern machines of renowned Swiss and Japanese manufacturers – are produced in close collaboration with the graphics department. Even the mixing and dying of the plastic granulate and filling it into the machines is an automated process that is precisely measured and supervised.

“Our employees in the injection moulding department have years of experience and receive regular in-house training,“ explained Mariola Libera. The end result is durable, high-quality components with a perfect surface texture and rich colours.

Tailor-made inside and out

In addition to the already mentioned Clip4U technique, DreamPen also implements pad, screen or digital printing methods. Further specialities include doming stickers that are attached to the clip or head of several models as well as hot foil printing. The latter entails a metallic foil being applied to the writing instrument under high temperatures, whereby the motifs can be all possible shapes. This technique creates a particularly high-class impression. Mariola Libera: “Of course we can also freely combine the required components, colours and individualising techniques to suit the customer’s demands. Hence, the customer receives a writing instrument that is optimally tailor-made to match his brand and requirements.“

A further offer was recently introduced: Each ballpoint model can be delivered with a novel, inhouse developed and manufactured gel refill for a small surcharge. The new refill is colour-intensive, doesn’t dry out, doesn’t smudge and provides a consistent and at the same time smooth writing feeling – it is also ideal for left-handed people.

Thanks to these competences, the company has in the meantime also made a name for itself among the promotional products distributors all over Europe. And the export market continues to expand.

The same applies for DreamPen: A new company building encompassing 5,000 m² is currently being built in Zielona Góra. “The complex will accommodate a new production line with further machines as well as a new office complex,“ announced Mariola Libera. “In this way we are also creating room for further growth.“ And for new ideas and innovations – that much is certain.


photos: DreamPen

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