Bangladesh: Rise in clothes exports



BD – According to a data survey carried out by the Ministry of Trade in Dhaka, the export of textiles from Bangladesh increased by 26.1% in July 2013 compared to the previous year. The export sum totalled 2.51 bil. US Dollars (1.87 bil. Euros). In comparison: The total export of textiles achieved a turnover of 1.99 bil. US Dollars (1.48 bil. Euros) in July 2012. Approx. 60% of the goods sold abroad are destined for Europe. As a result of this increase, the overall export sum rose in July 2013 by 24% up to 3.02 bil. US Dollars (2.24 bil. Euros) compared to the previous year.

This growth occurred in spite of the international outcry about the poor labour and safety conditions in the South Asian country. 1,129 people died on April 24, 2013 when a textile factory, which had been illegally expanded by adding several storeys, collapsed. After this tragic incident, the Parliament in Dhaka passed stricter labour laws and several international textile companies, who have goods produced in Bangladesh, committed themselves to invest in the improvement of the safety and labour standards.

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