HAPTICA® live ’14: Official exhibitor registration period begins


D – The venue date and location for the second edition of the HAPTICA® live were announced several weeks ago – the “Experience of Haptic Advertising“ will open its doors again on March 26, 2014 – this time at the Palladium in Cologne. Suppliers from the promotional products industry can apply for exhibition space with immediate effect. Similar to last year, the organisers reserve the right to make the final selection in order to guarantee the most attractive product mix possible. A large percentage of the exhibitors, who participated at the premiere event in 2013, have already registered to take part in 2014. However, the Palladium does offer more space than the E-Werk, where the HAPTICA® live 2013 was staged. Hence, in 2014 approx. 60-65 (instead of 40) exhibitors will be able to showcase their products.

The rebookers include among others the German textile specialist Gustav Daiber. The managing shareholder, Kai Gminder, is convinced by HAPTICA® live’s strategy to present the creativity and professionalism of the promotional products sector to the industry customers. “The idea is to sell the products to the industry customers together with the distributors, because after all it is the industry customer, who has the concrete requirement for products. The suppliers and distributors have to work much more closely together in order to be able to offer the clients more customised solutions.“

Further opinions of HAPTICA live® ‘13 exhibitors can be found in a detailed report in eppi magazine, No. 94 (July 31, 2013).



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