Corpus: IPS representative in the German-speaking zone


Corpus CEO, Martin Mumelter.

I – With immediate effect Corpus will be representing the Milan-based company IPS srl in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. IPS specialises in the production of promotional products, which thanks to their integrated microencapsulation technology determine data such as temperature, humidity and UV values, as well as the stress and harmony, wrinkle and cellulite factor or alternatively emit individual fragances.

Corpus was founded in 1997 by Martin Mumelter in South Tyrol and employs meanwhile four people. With its bilingual alignment – German and Italian – the company represents in the meantime nine product families of Italian manufacturers, including PMP’s team shoes that won a Promotional Gift Award in 2012, Tees by Viropa and pastries made by Loacker Gran Patisserie, in German-speaking foreign countries.




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