RAPEX Report 2012: Dangerous products once again


EU – According to a report of the European Commission on the EU rapid alert system for unsafe products (RAPEX for short), the number of alerts against toys rose up to 366 in 2012 increasing as such by almost 13% compared to the previous year (2011: 324). 2011 is thus the only year that has recorded a decline to-date. With an overall share of 19%, toys occupied second place once again among the reported product groups after clothing, textiles and fashion items (668 reports) and ahead of electronic goods (205 alerts), motor vehicles (149) and cosmetics (86).

Most of the complained about products are made in China and Hong Kong, in fact compared to 2011 the share of these goods increased from 54% up to 58% and thus equals the level recorded in 2010. 17% originated from Europe, 3% of which (60 products) were produced in Germany. The most eager reporting country was Hungary with 15% of all cases, followed by Bulgaria (14%), Spain (10%), Germany (9%) and Great Britain (8%).

The RAPEX system was introduced in 2004, in order to identify dangerous consumer products.



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