Gemaco acquires CCO Poulis and Viering



NL – The internationally-operating Gemaco Group has integrated CCO Poulis activities in the Netherlands, and activities of Viering in Germany. CCO Poulis is a well-known name on the Dutch promotional products market. According to an official statement issued by Gemaco, CCO Poulis got into financial problems, caused by the increasing demand for more working capital, despite higher sales in 2012 (compared to 2011) and a growing international client portfolio. Gemaco Nederland decided to take over a part of the activities from CCO Poulis after their bankruptcy. CCO Poulis is already the second Dutch company taken over by Gemaco this year: The first acquisition of Gemaco in 2013 dates back to January, with the takeover of ITC Sales Promotion. All sales promotion activities of CCO Poulis will be merged with the activities of ITC in Naarden, carrying the name of Gemaco Sales Promotion.

The incorporation of Viering GmbH took place earlier in May in the form of an asset deal and serves the expansion of the German network. Gemaco already opened up a further German subsidiary in Hamburg in April 2013. The German branch of the Gemaco Group will be renamed from Noveltis into Gemaco Deutschland. Naarden becomes the new Gemaco Group center for European and global organisation of sales promotion activities for leading brands. By own accounts, Gemaco has now increased its turnover to more than 60 million Euros.



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