Ippag meeting, Guangzhou: New Executive Board elected

CN – The General Managers of the international distributor consortium Ippag (International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts) met up in Guangzhou, China on April 26, 2013 for their General Annual Meeting. In addition to further agenda points, the elections of the Executive Board were also on the schedule: The Chairman Soeren Langhoff (Langhoff AS/Denmark) was re-elected for a further two years. With immediate effect the Board comprises of Suvir Khullar (Gifting Ideas/India), Tomas Kaderka (IMI/Czech Republic) and Greg Banks (Prime Source/New Zealand). Eduardo Zegaib (Eximagen/Mexico) stepped down from the Executive Board.

On the eve of the General Meeting supplier partners from the Far East were invited to the Preferred Supplier Reception, where they were informed among others about the amendments in the CSR guidelines.




F.l.t.r.: Soeren Langhoff (Langhoff AS/Denmark), Eduardo Zegaib (Eximagen/Mexico, stepped down from the Executive Board), Florence Mosnier (Ippag General Manager), Suvir Khullar (Gifting Ideas/India), Tomas Kaderka (IMI/Czech Republic). Board member Greg Banks (Prime Source/New Zealand) is not on the photo.


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