Moleskine listed on the stock exchange


I – The Italian notebook manufacturer Moleskine has succeeded in becoming listed on the stock exchange. According to the Milan stock exchange the shares issued by the company on April 3, 2013 yielded 270 mil. Euros. The interest in the shares was very high even before the company went public: According to the notebook manufacturer the offer was oversubscribed 3.6-fold. At the start of trading on the Milan stock exchange the shares rose significantly, falling again later down to the issue price of 2.30 Euros. According to the company the purchasers come from Italy and other European countries, the USA and Asia; part of the revenue will be used to pay off outstanding debts.


The world famous black notebooks, which in the course of the past two hundred years have allegedly been used by among others famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway, were manufactured by a small family business in Tours up until 1986. Then, all of a sudden they disappeared from the face of the earth. In 1997 a Milan-based publisher brought the legendary notebooks back to life again. According to company sources Moleskine sold 15 mil. notebooks as well as other products in 2012, achieving an annual turnover of 78 mil. Euros, 17% more than in the previous year. Moleskine is backed by the finance investors Syntegra Capital and Index Ventures as well as by the founder Francesco Franceschi.



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