PromoNotes – Creative factory in the heart of Europe

With almost 20 years of experience and their own production site, PromoNotes is one of the largest and most efficient manufacturers of promotional adhesive notes inEurope. The Polish company offers its trade partners a wide spectrum of creative services and products.

The sales and marketing team of PromoNotes. On the right of the photo, Sales Director Maciej Maćkowiak.

The sales and marketing team of PromoNotes. On the right of the photo, Sales Director Maciej Maćkowiak.

“Individually imprinted sticky memos have been part of our core business from the very start. We have showed continual development since the company was founded in the year 1994,“ reported Krzystof Rawecki, founder and CEO of Concept Sp. zo.o., the parent company of PromoNotes. “Poland’s joining the EU on May 1st, 2004 gave us an enormous boost and has opened up opportunities for increasing our revenue, which we have tried to exploit as far as possible – in terms of sales by establishing national representatives and by expanding our production. We also received financial support from the EU here. From around 2009 onwards these investments really started paying off, and we were able to record a further surge in growth. Then in 2011 we decided to found the company PromoNotes with employees from the Sales and Marketing Department of Concept.“

The company has been located in Suchy Las, close to Poznan since 2000, one hundred employees currently work for Concept there and 15 for PromoNotes. According to company sources, both companies earn an annual turnover of approx. 12 mil. Euros, whereby PromoNotes share totals 6 mil. Euros. The central location in the heart ofEuropeharmonises well with the company’s alignment because PromoNotes is a real “European Player” today: “We only make about 20% of our turnover on the Polish market. Our export share is around 80%,“ revealed Jakub Rawecki, Krzystof Rawecki‘s son, who runs the operating business in his capacity as CEO.

Wide product assortment

Individually imprinted sticky memos still form the foundation of PromoNotes‘ portfolio. A wide variety of models means the company can offer a comprehensive selection: Soft and hard covers, calendars, individually designed adhesive notes, memo pads and notepads with an adhesive or ring binding and featuring all sorts of different covers. Eco-friendly models can be ordered just as readily as promotional ring-binder folders and diverse accessories. Of course there are a range of different options as far as the format and combination of different elements are concerned – such as i.e. page markers with adhesive notes and ballpoints. “Sticky memos themselves are particularly effective promotional products: They always attract attention on the desk and are rarely declined or thrown away by the recipient,“ stated Jakub Rawecki. “This combined together with a high-quality cover additionally increases the product’s attractiveness and lends it a much more valuable appearance than befits its actual price.“

Equally important for the effectiveness of an advertising message: The degree to which a product can be made to suit the corporate identity of the promoting company. In this respect PromoNotes’ customers are set almost no limits: The sticky notes and memo blocks can be punched into many different shapes – an own catalogue illustrating the range of punching options which is posted on the company’s website provides an overview of the selection. And as far as the printing is concerned, many of the products from the collection offer a wide spectrum of unusual advertising surfaces too. A competent team of graphic designers assist the customers in putting their ideas into practice.

PromoNotes places great importance on the implementation of high-quality materials. Only high-quality paper supplied by the German manufacturer Printinform is used for the production of the items and an alternative proposal for 100% recycled, FSC-conform and Blue Angel-certified paper is sent out with every quote that leaves the company’s headquarters.

Efficient machinery

The backbone of PromoNotes’ product variety is its on-site ultra modern machinery. The fast growth of the past years has enabled the company to invest heavily, which means not only printing, adhesive and punching machines make up part of the inventory in Suchy Las, but also a book binding machine and devices that insert the sticky notes into the hard and soft covers of diverse designs.

Because a majority of the work steps are carried out in-house at PromoNotes, the company is also a competent and flexible partner for custom-made designs: “An area that is fortunately undergoing constant growth,“ reported Jakub Rawecki.

Last, but not least PromoNotes works fast and efficiently – Jakub Rawecki: “As a rule we only take 14 days from the print approval until delivery  – we deliver around 90% of our orders within this time limit. Of course elaborate special designs sometimes take a little longer.“

Four maxims

The firm officially claims that the following competences are their top priorities: “Our corporate policy is based on four maxims,“ explained the Sales Director, Maciej Mackowiak. “Highest quality, innovation, flexibility and the partnerships with our customers. We strive to individually advise each customer as efficiently as possible, so that we can find the optimal solution for their respective aim.“

PromoNotes’ membership in diverse associations and organisations underlines the company’s professional standards: The firm is not only a member of the PSI and the Polish industry association, PIAP, but also of the Club of Notes, an international alliance between manufacturers of sticky memos, which was founded in 1989.

Incidentally, the latter recently awarded the Polish company two prizes: At the Club of Notes annual meeting inBrazilin May 2012 PromoNotes was presented with the organisation’s Marketing Award and with its Printer of the Year Award.

Merits that support and reinforce the company on its chosen course, which is namely heading straight for the top, as Jakub Rawecki announced: “We will continue to invest in our products and services in the future, because we want to further expand in 2013.“ TB

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