Decline in visitors at Tendence, D-Frankfurt

D – After five exhibition days the international consumer good show Tendence closed its doors on August 28, 2012 with a total attendance figure of approx. 46,000 visitors (2011: 52,000). In the run-up to the event which took place at the Frankfurt Trade Fair a lower number of visitors attending from other European countries had already been expected as a result of the current economic situation.

According to the exhibition management the attendance figure reflects the current macro-economic developments: The fair was attended by significantly less purchasers due to the low domestic demand, especially in countries such as Greece and Spain. However, according to the organisers, the number of attendees from the Eastern European states, i.e. from the Russian Federation, the Ukraine and the Baltic countries, but also from the United Arab Emirates increased significantly. In total the visitors travelled to the Tendence from 91 countries (2011: 103 countries), the top 5 nations were Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and France.

Covering 135,000 m² (2011: 130,000), the exhibition space increased by 3.8% compared to the previous year despite a decline in the number of Asiatic exhibitors. Overall 1,852 exhibitors from 66 countries (2011: 2,063 from 67 countries) showcased their products and novelties. The next Tendence is scheduled from August 23-27, 2013.

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